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Tuesday August 22nd 2017


"Veteran muckraker Mark Ebner of "Hollywood, Interrupted" has a knack for producing beautiful writing from ugly subjects. Scientology, pit bull fighting, celebrity scandals, scam artists... you name it, he's investigated it." - Xeni Jardin,

"Ebner is like the Patti Smith of Scientology-bashing - he was doing it before it was cool and inspired legions."

"The best investigative journalist since Hunter S. Thompson." - Paul Gallagher,

"There's only one legitimate investigative journalist that works in the entertainment industry these days: Mark Ebner." -

"Ebner terrorizes Hollywood by running the best industry website anywhere" -


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‘Scientology’ Archives

Mark Ebner: Citizen Correspondent

Scientology Exploits The Virginia Tech Tragedy As a journalist covering Scientology since 1996, I can assure readers that the cult is an evil, criminal, totalitarian mind-control outfit driven solely by greed as dictated by the unalterable doctrine of its insane, drug-addled, megalomaniac founder, L Ron Hubbard. Apart from the thousands of lives [...]

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors of Tom Cruise’s Quack Cure for New York Rescue Workers

Heterosexual Tom Cruise is Trapped in the Sauna. Scientology sponsors a new detoxification project for New York rescue workers. Hollywood, Interrupted was not invited to the heterosexual Tom Cruise's self-congratulatory gala for the Scientology-sponsored New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project in Manhattan Thursday night. However, we can [...]

Scientology’s “Emergency Bulletin” Regarding Virginia Tech

Not content to allow Seung-Hui Cho to take the final shot in Blacksburg, $cientology puts Virginia Tech in its crosshairs (graphic originally from the $cientology Volunteer Ministers' website). E M E R G E N C Y B U L L E T I N : THE WAY TO HAPPINESS CAMPAIGN, VIRGINIA TECH Please help us get The Way to Happiness books to the students, [...]

UPDATE: The $cientology Vultures Have Landed at Virginia Tech

The criminal cult literally has VT in their crosshairs. As quoted in today's Daily News Rush & Molloy column, Scientology's anti-psychiatry front group spokeswoman says, "We prohibit our people from proselytizing." Hollywood, Interrupted calls BULLSHIT, and can now release an internal Scientology memo proving that proselytizing at the shooting [...]

SICK: Celebrity Cult of $cientology Attempts to Capitalize on Virginia Tech Tragedy

In their extremely misguided, Nazi-like effort to rid the world of psychiatrists (and, in fact, all mental health practitioners), the Criminal Cult of Cruise is now using the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy as a platform for their latest, ill-advised recruitment drive. Scientology has not attempted so publicly, so grotesquely to capitalize on a [...]

A Public Service Announcement From Hollywood, Interrupted

Don't let $cientology happen to your children! Times Square stop on ACE subway line, Manhattan, 10.03.07, 11:16 pm Photographer Luke Heidelberger catches the cult in the "Get 'em while they're young" campaign. However, Ebner is not all that concerned for the ethnic target group. While researching the criminal cult for his Spy story, he asked [...]

Ebner’s Tough-Love Calgary Flameout on AM770 CHQR

Listen to Mark on CHQR AM770's The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge as he breaks down the Anna Nicole scandal, "Young Hollywood's" prescription drug crisis and Scientology's claim it could have saved Anna: ...or download here.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hollywood,Interrupted!

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Scientology and the Art of Deception

When a talented young artist left her home in New Mexico for Hollywood, she had no idea that simply answering a classified ad on craigslist would get her sucked into an insidious Scientology front group that would spy on her personal internet activity, then crush her hopes for success at her very first dream job... Artist/Scientology scam victim [...]

Ebner Reads Again! (This Wednesday, Writers Garage, LBC)

Fresh off my appearance on Dateline, and in anticipation of my city-wide college lecture series, the theme for this Wednesday will be "adventures in undercover journalism," featuring selected readings and a Q&A on Beverly Hills Brothels, $cientology, the KKK and pit bull fighting. If the $cientologists show up to picket, this reading may qualify [...]

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