I am Sean! - April 9, 2007

Breaking News: Activist-Actor Sean Penn Dances on Sacred Hawaiian Burial Grounds


As the massive Turtle Bay Resort development project threatens to destroy what's left of rural Oahu, part-time actor (I Am Sam, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)/full-time activist Sean Penn, his wife, Robin Wright Penn, and his two children have checked into the resort for the holidays. But, while the Penn clan relaxes, Hawaiian natives are getting restless over the normally enlightened movie star's ignorance of their cause.

Protestors against the Turtle Bay project are concerned that the development scheme to add literally thousands of rooms and additional luxury condominiums to the existing urbanizing blight not only poses an environmental threat to the rural North Shore, but it also desecrates ancestral burial grounds and, overall, will ruin the way of life for the local community.

A native Hawaiian in the North Shore country village Haleiwa spotted actor-vist Penn buying cigarettes in a local grocery store. "He looks kind of creepy with his motorcycle cop mustache and CIA baseball cap," says source who became disgusted when he discovered that the family Penn was dumping up to $1000-a-night at Turtle Bay. Indeed, a call to the resort today confirmed the family Penn's registration.

Source tells Hollywood, Interrupted, "It's bad enough that Turtle Bay is built upon my ancestors' bones, but the idea that Sean Penn would pay to support what we've been protesting for thirty years makes me sick. You'd think even Jeff Spicoli would have more sense than that."


Developing (unfortunately)...

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Ebner the environmentalist, right...

Posted by: jay at April 9, 2007 07:34 PM

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