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Tuesday August 22nd 2017


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Ebner Talks Tiger “Tell All” With Nancy Grace

mark ebner nancy grace michelle braun tiger woods

How much would it take to tackle a quickie tell-all with Tiger Woods’ self-proclaimed madam, Michelle Braun? Let the bidding war begin.

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5 Responses to “Ebner Talks Tiger “Tell All” With Nancy Grace”

  1. al says:

    God I can’t stand her!!! Nancy Graceless!

  2. JaneSays says:

    ICK…of all people, why Nancy DisGrace? She makes me want to slap her to pieces with an old man’s belt! That hideously twisted, man-hating scowl makes me pray that she’s involved in a head on car crash. She could get that fug-mug fixed AND, if she’s lucky, get a free frontal lobotomy and perhaps come out of it with a palatable personality.

  3. patrick says:

    now a days tiger become popular than hollywood star.

  4. Eliot says:

    Couldn’t have said it better than Jane.
    Old man’s belt? Nice touch !

  5. I used to believe at one time that CNN was a reputable newsworthy source, but when they started there new alternate CNN HLN channel, I sadly have lost taste for it and mainly because of Nancy Grace. There is a big difference between having direct tactful questions in an interview in adverse to offending, rude and curt questions and statements. I really wish that CNN would replace her with someone more professional.

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