Mark Ebner
Tuesday August 22nd 2017


"Veteran muckraker Mark Ebner of "Hollywood, Interrupted" has a knack for producing beautiful writing from ugly subjects. Scientology, pit bull fighting, celebrity scandals, scam artists... you name it, he's investigated it." - Xeni Jardin,

"Ebner is like the Patti Smith of Scientology-bashing - he was doing it before it was cool and inspired legions."

"The best investigative journalist since Hunter S. Thompson." - Paul Gallagher,

"There's only one legitimate investigative journalist that works in the entertainment industry these days: Mark Ebner." -

"Ebner terrorizes Hollywood by running the best industry website anywhere" -


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Mark Ebner Presents an Award to Scientology

This award is for you, cult!

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4 Responses to “Mark Ebner Presents an Award to Scientology”

  1. The poor says:

    How will the poor ever get into heaven Tom Cruise?
    We can’t afford your proprietary religion technology.
    Shoveling fries at Mickey D’s isn’t getting me any closer to God.
    When the messiah returns will he be handing out coupons so we can buy the technology to get into heaven?
    Save us Tom Cruise.

  2. Seatbelt says:

    This seemed a little like a pointless rant. Ebner hasn’t had anything new to say in a while, so why not recycle the old stuff? I’m not saying I don’t agree with it. But I didn’t hear anything new,and it wasn’t even that funny the first time.

  3. Tom's Shoe Lifts says:

    I’m sure Ebner is crying in his Barley Water over your comment, “The poor.”

  4. Bobby says:

    Is that you pictured with the dogs on the title page of the site??
    You got fat!!!
    Also, you had notes written down for that speech? You actually had notes in front of you, that’s funny. Because the speech was really poorly presented

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