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Tuesday July 25th 2017


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Madam Nici Rolls Over and Releases

Super Madam Michelle Louise Braun aka “Nici” of the notorious South Florida-based “Nici’s Girls” escort service is being sentenced in Santa Ana Federal Court on May 11 on charges of Interstate Transportation of an Individual to Engage in Prostitution, and Money Laundering. She pleaded guilty to one count each. Braun could have faced 20 years on both counts, but it appears that the Madam who filled the hole that Heidi Fleiss left wide open will only be doing 6 months of house arrest, and forfeiting about a million dollars in assets. It also looks like she’s keeping her house in Florida, her cars and any additional money she undoubtedly has stashed away.
Braun is the Madam that had all the usual celebrity suspects on speed dial, and she undoubtedly cut a sweet deal with the Feds who now own her “black book” MacBook, her T Mobile Sidekick and her I-Phone. An inside source who has been investigating Braun tells Hollywood, Interrupted, “The Feds are going to pick some juicy, big name clients to make an example of. They will probably be sports figures. I know for a fact that Jose Canseco was one of her guys.” (Another big client of Braun’s was reportedly talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz, late of of The Firm, who has worked with Limp Bizkit, Kelly Clarkson, The Backstreet Boys and other luminaries.)
How do you make a Madame roll? Stipulate this: “Defendant further agrees to cooperate fully with the United States Attorney’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division, and any other federal, state or local law enforcement agency.” Now that Braun is flipping, all her clients (past and present) and her spiderweb of sub-contracting pimps, madams and sundry hookers will be running for cover. Watch for the names popping up here. In the meantime, enjoy the complete court files and plea agreement after the jump:

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Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “Madam Nici Rolls Over and Releases”

  1. DoIt2Death says:

    The Kwat solicits prostitutes??? NOOOO!!! Next you’ll be telling me is that he’s a massive cokehead as well!!

  2. dumbdumb says:

    what a joke– the charlie sheen story is so old and check this out– the name Kwatinez on the check isn’t even his name– ITS A FAKE CHECK! Give it to me, Ill cash it.

  3. mr_ed says:

    Read the Rolling Stone article.
    She made $3 million just from the Turkish guy (Hakan Uzan) mentioned in the article.|technology|03-09-2003::14:26|reuters.html
    Nici gets to keep her millions in exchange for flipping on all her customers.
    “Jack Whalen said…
    20k for an over night was the norm. I was there many times when guys paid. Playboy Playmates made more, depends on the girl and the split.

  4. Leigh Williams says:

    Miss may 2002. Christi Shake is indeed the CS spoken of. Make no mistake. Others are being wrongly accused and there will be repercussions if this continues. Slander suits are quite costly.You will have problems if you continue to misinform in the media.

  5. intimidationgetstuffed says:
    “She still escorts, in fact. She is 32 years old now so her modeling days are pretty much over, and all that nose candy and partying is taking its toll on her looks.
    Why she married Chris Wragge nobody understands, as she hasn’t been faithful to him ever. She goes with arabs for big $$$$ all the time. Her best girlfriend is Playmate Carrie Stevens and they do ecorting gigs together all the time.”

  6. icu says:
    “I asked Silvstedt, “ is such an important site with valuable and fashionable information. Was it difficult to fit shooting with her into your busy schedule?” She was quick to reply, “Carrie Stevens is my dearest friend and I would never say no to her. I love her website and I think it’s a good cause.”"

  7. Caroline says:

    It is not Christy Shake, I am a personal friend of hers and she would never do anything of that nature. Mr. Ed I find that comment very uncalled for and unsupported.

  8. Professor Plum says:

    Caroline “posted by” associated with a comment appears under the comment and not over it.
    You attributed the comment to the wrong person.
    Michelle Braun got caught along with her laptop, T-Mobile Sidekick and phone. The FBI, U.S. DOJ, IRS Criminal Investigations, etc. already know who to watch.
    Michelle Braun also got a sweet deal to act as a witness against all of her clients and escorts.
    She was scheduled to be sentenced on October 19 at 10:00am.
    Michelle Braun got caught because she did not pay Kenny Gallo’s ex-wife, Tabitha Stevens, $10,000 she owed her and $8,000 owed to his friend, Dayton Raines.
    Kenny Gallo was working as an informant for the FBI when Michelle Braun decided not to pay for services rendered.
    She pissed off someone with the means to bring her to the attention of the FBI.
    She made many millions of dollars, paid her taxes, and got brought down by not paying $18000.
    If Michelle Braun cares more about $18000 than the people it belonged to, anyone who worked for her shouldn’t feel safe that she will not talk.
    Janine Lindemulder went to federal prison for not paying her taxes.
    Michelle Braun knows how much she paid her escorts.
    The Feds just have to match that with what her escorts said they paid to the IRS. The Feds have Michelle Braun to testify against anyone who did not pay their taxes.

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