Mark Ebner
Tuesday August 22nd 2017


"Veteran muckraker Mark Ebner of "Hollywood, Interrupted" has a knack for producing beautiful writing from ugly subjects. Scientology, pit bull fighting, celebrity scandals, scam artists... you name it, he's investigated it." - Xeni Jardin,

"Ebner is like the Patti Smith of Scientology-bashing - he was doing it before it was cool and inspired legions."

"The best investigative journalist since Hunter S. Thompson." - Paul Gallagher,

"There's only one legitimate investigative journalist that works in the entertainment industry these days: Mark Ebner." -

"Ebner terrorizes Hollywood by running the best industry website anywhere" -


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14 Day Road Trip with Eric Schaeffer + a Camera = I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single II. Thursdays, 11:30pm…Only on Showtime!

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5 Responses to “ENTER WINGMAN…”

  1. Rober Mott says:

    If Eric Shaeffer was a race horse they would have put a bullet in his gay little head a long long time ago.
    Better title for the show. “I’m a closet fag with an ego the size of Brazil”

  2. Sophie B. says:

    This guy will clearly be paying for sex for the rest of his life. (Was he giving himself a self-haircut with nose hair clippers??)
    I wish him success as a writer – he’s going to need the cash – a LOT of it!

  3. SlowNance says:

    Wow…I don’t know what to say other than he’s a major deeb who clearly wants to be single. In the absence of good looks, personality goes a long way and he seems to be sorely lacking in both areas! I could see someone sleeping with him to achieve fame or to boost their own career but he’s just not relationship material, unless you’re into unattractive, outwardly boring guys with receding hairlines and oversized, ill-fitting “fashions”. Sorry…

  4. ganesh says:

    One of Darwin’s dead ends.
    The guy doesn’t accept any responsibility for reasons he is still single. The clueless bastard thinks it is a matter of finding the right woman.
    It’s like watching Animal Planet.
    I hear Michelle Braun’s available. Free hookers for life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    isn’t he gay? I always thought he was? Hmm… learn something new everyday

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