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Tuesday August 22nd 2017


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On October 26, five members of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous picketed the criminal mind-control cult’s armed desert compound known as “Gold Base” in Gilman Hot Springs, CA. Gold Base is home to the cult propaganda production facility, Golden Era Studios, Scientology celebrity vacation bungalows, a nine-hole golf course and the notorious concentration camp called the Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF…
…Upon arrival, the protesters parked their van on the shoulder of the highway, and black-clad Scientology stormtroopers sprang into action…
…The security goons repeatedly pulled their black Bronco close to the protesters’ van and made like they were tampering with the vehicle — at one point, setting off an emergency flare behind the van.
…The vehicle tampering tactic was apparently employed to bait the protesters on to Gold Base property. Concerned for the safety of the vehicle and property within the van, Anonymous member “AnonOrange” raced to the van, where he was lured onto the fringes of Gold Base by the crafty goon squad, and captured. There, they dog-piled on the peaceful protester and zip-tied his wrists. When the middle-aged female protester known as “XenuBarb” went to assist her fallen comrade, she too was unnecessarily roughed up.
Fortunately, all of this was caught on video:

The battered and bruised “AnonOrange” was arrested and detained by the cult-friendly Riverside County Sheriffs. XenuBarb suffered a broken finger nail. AnonOrange is planning on suing the cult. Developing…
(In other Cult of The Heterosexual Tom Cruise news, acting coach/Scientology shill Milton Katselas is dead.)

Reader Feedback


  1. Chuck Beatty says:

    Interested observers of the history of Scientology’s self-generated controversies will appreciate the fact that recent years ex Gilman Hot Springs senior ex Scientology staff ARE speaking up. Jeff Hawkins and Marc Headley, former senior Scientology staffers who quit, both have been beaten by David Miscavige personally, and both have gone public. Thankfully at least one newspaper, the Portland Mercury, has exposed the beatings. Here’s Jeff Hawkins holding his protest sign at a protest in Portland, and here’s also the link to the Portland Mercury article on Jeff Hawkins, at least discussing the David Miscavige beatings that have finally been reported on.
    Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology staffer, 1975-2003, I will network any interested media and new religious movement scholars to former Scientology senior staffers willing to expose the abuses!
    412-260-1170, Pittsburgh, USA

  2. Emma Press says: for more info on Anonymous, Scientology and why we protest.
    And how creepy is the organ chord issuing out of the compund:shudder:

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for publishing this. The truth needs to get out. I hope these guys get sued and the Church of Scientology goes down. They deserve it.

  4. reeblite says:

    they were arrested for tresspassing? Please recommend the video to be emailed to editors of newpapers and media nationwide, someone should pick the story up also. And to take it to the district attorney’s office and if no help, the state attorney’s office. and talk about the flare incident.

  5. reeblite says:

    they were arrested for tresspassing? Please recommend the video to be emailed to editors of newpapers and media nationwide, someone should pick the story up also. And to take it to the district attorney’s office and if no help, the state attorney’s office. and talk about the flare incident.

  6. reeblite says:

    they were arrested for tresspassing? Please recommend the video to be emailed to editors of newpapers and media nationwide, someone should pick the story up also. And to take it to the district attorney’s office and if no help, the state attorney’s office. and talk about the flare incident.

  7. AnonMomAnon says:

    Educate yourselves. Google: Operation Snow White; Hernandez v. the commissioner of the IRS;; Kyle Brennan; Kaja Ballo; Shawn Lonsdale; Martine Boublil; and then come to and help Anonymous expose this dangerous and greedy cult to the world.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is madness!

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you can find out the names of the Security Officers, you can register a complaint with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Physical force is not usually authorized for Security Officers unless attacked. With their names you can find their Guard Card number online from the database, to see if they had valid permits.

  10. Anon says:

    Why didnt you guys defend yourselves? You guys could have carried a tazer or a gun there and probably could have used it, and would have been able to mount a sucessful defense in court. The legal definition for “self Defense” is when a reasonable person would fear for life and limb, their property, or someone else’s life and limb.
    3 guys clad all in black would satisfy fearing for your life. I would have probably shot the bastards with a tazer.

  11. Anonymous says:

    No carrying weapons. We are peaceful protesters. If they do this, violent attacks, they footbullet, we win.
    One of our best weapons is the camcorder.

  12. Dave says:

    The names of the security officers are known as well as the fact that only one has a valid permit, plus the flare situation have all been reported multiple times. I doubt something will happen though. Local police have stated they refuse to invest man-hours into Scientology, instead let these thugs continue to carry out their daily human right abuses.
    I expect that once more and more European countries start investigating/banning the cult (the list now includes Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Russia and Kazachstan) that eventually the US will be shamed into taking on this ridiculous abusive cult.

  13. that’s really horrible and scary. I believe in freedom of religion (even for “cults”) AND freedom of press, but damn, Scientologists NEED to be aware that the U.S Constitution allow those people to protest against the Church of Scientology.
    if the media and ordinary citizens can criticize Islam, Christianity, then where’s the right to criticize Scientology?

  14. Devian says:

    If they had carried any weapon, such as a tazer, the intent would be ambiguous. However, the videos are rather clear.
    The only missing information is the time between AnonOrange heading towards the van and the point where he is subdued.

  15. Markie says:

    Anon @ 6:55 PM, these protesters simply do not resort to violence. It just isn’t necessary. Peace and humor are all it takes to get this wretched cult to incriminate itself.
    We can only hope that the government puts a stop to this before anymore innocent people get hurt.

  16. Louanne says:

    I watched the video twice but contrary to what you say NONE of this was captured on video. Just claims trying to “explain” why Francois (AnonOrange) was arrested.

  17. bts2free says:

    The guards names in the above photo left to right are Salvatore Meo, Matt Butler (back), Danny Dunigan (front) and Kenny Seybold.

  18. Common Sense says:

    It’s called TRESPASSING, knuckleheads. TRESPASSING is against the LAW. Try TRESPASSING anywhere that has security guards and see what happens. Jeez! “I trespassed on private property and was attacked by security guards guarding the private property” Imagine that!

  19. pooka says:

    There was only one tresspassing sign, a small stone tablet hidden in the bushes. How were they supposed to know they were tresspassing? Could they see the invisible property lines?
    Even then, I believe it was illegal for the security guards to detain him, especially in that manner.

  20. The video is not shoing on the page. Oddly and annoyingly though, right above where it is supposed to be, a google video advert for the cult of scientology is showing.

  21. DarkShadow667 says:

    The video shows the Scientologists “Inspecting” the anon’s vehicle. Then driving backwards as they approach. If that was not “Bull-Baiting” then… There was a video of a cop talking to both anon and Scientologist about following people down the street. As soon as maybe 10 seconds after the cop pulled away, the Scientologist walked past the anon and shoved his camera and then took off running down the street. The anon just pointed the cam at him and eventually, the Sci stopped and turned abruptly and then continued down the sidewalk at a normal pace. It was bizarre and hilarious at the same time.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I hate to say it but in Cal they can arrest for trespass. All they need is the area posted or telling the person to leave. They can use force and could of detained everyone there that did not leave when first asked. This was clearly well inside the public right-of-way. These protesters really need to know the law better. you may have a claim for excessive force (assault) for the woman thrown into the car. Obviously these security guys were poorly trained. They shouldn’t be using flex cuffs without knowing how to do so because injuries can be caused by them. Personally if I was working there there would of been several others also under arrest. That being said I would have no part in the BS tactics involving the van.

  23. Johnny says:

    Seems pretty clear to me. The protestor or whatever they are were trespassing on private property and were arrested which is legal and correct …and when you are arrested you have a duty not to resist and comply that’s the law and he didn’t comply which caused more problems trying to handcuff him or cord cuff him. The female had no business getting that close and she deserved the arrest also. They never hit him or kicked him or punched him…I would have then there would have been full compliance.

  24. BOB says:

    Legal arrest. Lawful handcuffing or cord cuffing.
    Person arrested resisted and should have been peppersprayed or tazed then he would have complied.
    Female was totally wrong and she needed to be arrested with everyone else on the property …even a fool can see the area is private property and not on the common causeway.
    Whoever these protestors are they don’t know anything about Calif law nor do they know how to hold a protest.

  25. Anonymous says:

    OK I posted that it was legal but the last two posts are nuts. You can’t resist cops but you violate no law when you resist security (as long as there is no assault). Throwing someone into a car is not attempting to detain them and in fact on the tape they threw her into the car and did not attempt to detain. Force can be used for defence and to effect arrest. That was neither. “Cord cuffing” is legal but almost every dept used to make cops take special training because its easy to do it wrong hurting the person cuffed. Security rarely has reason to use flex cuffs over handcuffs and the use here shows a “cowboy” attitude.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I see the vermin have infiltrated even this blog post.
    They should be exterminated.

  27. Anon says:

    They unlawfully detained him. So close to the public way there is an argument they lured him there. You can sue those officers. In the future, bring more people and be sure to videotape the whole thing.
    My guess is (1) they made like they were tampering with his property / car, (2) causing him to follow them to inquire, (3) causing them to immediately detain him.
    With a videotape showing that they did not warn him or that they induced him, they become liable. Furthermore, the unlawful detention and abuse are criminal and could lead to jail time. The only problem is if the relevant authorities refuse to prosecute.

  28. Anon says:

    FYI: You should have demanded the security personnel be arrested as well. You should have claimed that they pulled you onto the property. To sort out the matter, they would have arrested you both.

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