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Tuesday August 22nd 2017


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The Los Angeles Times “regrets the error”

Crossroads School: A Feb. 19 story about Crossroads School head Roger Weaver stepping down included a comment from Weaver that the book “Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon — The Case Against Celebrity” — which includes allegations of student sex- and drug-fueled scandals at Crossroads — was filled with fabrications. The article should have included comment as well from Mark C. Ebner, one of the book’s authors, who denies that the book contains fabrications. The Times regrets the error.Text

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  1. Good on you for on getting that error corrected!

  2. XRDS Grad says:

    “Hollywierd High”–Ebner’s original piece on Crossroads–really was filled with fabrications.
    To my knowledge he has never acknowledged the inaccuracy of some of the most inflammatory material in that article. (You can find it at .)
    I know most of the cast of characters from the time period contemporary to the writing of his article (I was a year behind the trio he introduces in his opening). The overall depiction isn’t entirely wrong in terms of the texture of the culture but Ebner’s over-reliance on Kessler is fatal to the overall accuracy to the piece and so too to the book, presuming the content was mostly unrevised (I haven’t seen the book.)
    I’d like to ask Ebner to apologize, at the very least, for printing Kessler’s remarks regarding Holly Bendik’s death and his bombastic and entirely unsubstantiated allegations that one of her two best friends pushed her off the top the ridge they were on. The trauma of witnessing Holly’s death was bad enough, and had disastrous effects on those who were there (and lasting effects even on those who weren’t). Ebner’s piece aggravated that trauma. He should have known better than to print those kinds of scurrilous allegations (against minors nonetheless) without any corroboration. Eric Kessler was essentially a well known bullshit artist, and Ebner was taken in.
    The whole thing was essentially a sardonic and sensationalist attack piece.
    I presume that if Ebner responds at all, it will be to say that he was a young man and an immature (or possibly amateur) journalist at the time. That’s fine, I’d still like an apology. I’m sure a number of my former schoolmates would agree.
    I’d like to say a couple things about the current situation:
    While Roger’s retirement isn’t all that significant–Roger was always something of a glad-handing bureaucrat–Jim Hosney’s retirement a year or so ago was. A number of other eminences not mentioned in the article but who were equally revered have also retired in the last few years.
    With most of the old guard gone, and Cummins’ attention focused on New Roads and his other philanthropic work, Crossroads just isn’t what it used to be. This isn’t just the kind of grousing about the loss of its original countercultural orientation that was common in the 90′s when I was there (“once upon a time students could smoke in the Alley”)–there is a qualitative shift in the philosophy of the school and the quality of the education that is not encouraging. Especially considering that tuition has nearly doubled since the mid 90s.

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