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Tuesday July 25th 2017


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SICK: Celebrity Cult of $cientology Attempts to Capitalize on Virginia Tech Tragedy

In their extremely misguided, Nazi-like effort to rid the world of psychiatrists (and, in fact, all mental health practitioners), the Criminal Cult of Cruise is now using the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy as a platform for their latest, ill-advised recruitment drive. Scientology has not attempted so publicly, so grotesquely to capitalize on a national tragedy since they descended like vultures at Ground Zero post-9/11. While hindering legitimate, heroic rescue efforts with their spurious “therapies” at the site, Scientology claimed they were from the non-existent National Mental Health Assistance outfit, and falsely aligned themselves in the media with the Red Cross. Prior to that, the cult [see press release excerpt below] actually claimed to have solved the Columbine massacre.
Here is an excerpt from a press release currently being disseminated to media outlets by Scientology front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights [CCHR]:

Another School Shooter, Another Psychiatric Drug?
28 Dead and 62 Wounded in Recent Drug-Induced School Shootings
Today’s shooting rampage at Virginia Tech is being called the deadliest school shooting incident in U.S. history, with initial reports citing 32 dead and 29 wounded in the bloodiest school massacre since Columbine. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health watchdog that initially discovered the psychiatric drug connection in the Columbine shootings, says media and law enforcement must move quickly to investigate the Virginia shooter’s psychiatric drug history — a common factor amongst school shooters…
For more information, contact [FLAME] the Citizens Commission on Human Rights at 800-869-2247 or email


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  1. anonymous says:

    I don’t think that book about Nathan Bit Red Hamilton and tommy cruiseis gunna b published cquse I thins dat dat guy paul barresi is gunna go 2 jail soon

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