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Tuesday August 22nd 2017


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Hollywood, Interrupted Basks in the Glow of a South Park Emmy Nod

When Matt Stone and Trey Parker had me in to consult on the “Trapped In The Closet” South Park episode , I knew that Isaac “Chef” Hayes would have a meltdown… But when the heterosexual Tom Cruise threw the hissy fit that convinced Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom to cancel any repeats of the high rated episode, the cradle-robbing, couch-jumping, Brooke Shields-bashing, psychiatry-hating, always smiling, heterosexual Suri-Sementologist Cruise went from laughingstock to pop culture pariah overnight.
Hollywood, Interrupted is proud to announce the Emmy Award nomination for the best…cartoon…EVER!

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8 Responses to “Hollywood, Interrupted Basks in the Glow of a South Park Emmy Nod”

  1. Dan says:

    Thank you! I have been looking for this episode since it got pulled!! Thank you!!

  2. ann says:

    wow you love so much to destroy people’s lifes and reputations don’t you? Have a life.
    I’m still waiting for your proof it’s T Cruise.
    I beleive it’s the church of scientology; but not Cruise.
    Why don’t you give us some names to justifies he , himself, did threatened to cancel South park?
    Don’t you know about cos? it’s not the first time they threaten people and harrass them.
    There is also a lot of scientologists in Hollywood. I hope you can figure this out yourself.
    You’re a prick.? What? does that bother you I call you a prick?
    read your articles please. They are not so sweet…

  3. Multiple Undos says:

    Oh happy day!

  4. TheGeneralsDaughter says:

    Get a grip! You’re an ignorant twat.

  5. backwards7 says:

    Congratulations to all concerned on the Emmy nomination. It would be nice to think that South Park could win, although I suspect that politics may intervene. I don’t think this episode has aired in the UK yet and it will be interesting to see if it does.
    Now that the teachings of the Church of Scientology are regarded as a bad joke and its predilection for acts of complete bastardry are well known and documented, I wondered what effect all this negative PR might be having. Is Scientology still a growing concern or has its membership peaked? Are there even any reliable numbers?
    Also, has there been any serious attempt by the church to tap into the growing wealth of countries such as India or China?

  6. Mark Ebner says:

    Great questions Backwards7. I think you’ll find answers in the latest book about “fringe religions” – The Devil Was a Gentleman, by JC Hallman. In an interview he did with our friends over at (, Hallman says:
    “The amount of money that I report in the book is what they’re making from auditing. As of 1990, they took in $300 million of annual income from auditing alone. The money is going to the church itself. The IRS went after Hubbard once, claiming that he was profiting from the movement. Now, I don’t know who is profiting besides the church. To be fair, the Catholic Church is hugely rich and nobody complains about that. The Catholic Church is wealthier than the top five Fortune 500 companies combined. Scientology is not alone.”
    To my knowledge, Scientology recruiting levels are at an all time low, and we have the internet and the bad PR generated by the heterosexual Tom Cruise to thank for that. Also, Scientology loves to cite 8 million members, but they count anyone who has ever stepped into a Scientology center or bought a book as a member. Based on numerous reports, I’d put their actual membership at less than 50,000. But, as Hallman points outs in his book, the outrageous auditing fees can add up as members cross the bridge to total bankruptcy. The fact is, Scientology is a real estate rich cult; their holdings in Hollywood alone are as prime as they come. And I don’t think they’re making inroads into India and China. You’d think that both countries are more sensitive and less tolerant of totalitarian mind control cults that the UK and US are.

  7. Xenophobe says:

    How is it that we burned David Koresh and all his children alive in Waco Texas, but we allow these Scientologists to run free, raping and killing at will? Where is the justice? Who will Save us from His Satanic Majesty, L. Ron Hubbard? Surely someone who is pure of heart will rise and defend us from the Hollywood Horde? Where is your beloved Chuck Norris now? Where is this so-called “Saviour” to be found. Woe to us all . . .

  8. Joxe says:

    I have read so many lies about Tom Cruise in the press this past year that I don’t believe anything they say anymore. If they were true he would probably have married Katie about 2000 times. He would have eaten lots of placenta which he only said as a joke while laughing on a TV interview I watched. He would have split with Katie 3000 times. And many many more. All of his movies would have sunk at the box office while the statistics still show his movies are international hits of one or another magnitude, but International box office HITS. All these lies and attacs towards him had made me start to think about what is really going on here. Why so many lies? Why so many attacks? It doesn’t make sense that suddenly everybody has turned so evil. Well, I suspect he might have been right when he attacked psychiatry last year and now they are attacking back covertly. It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. He said the truth and that could put their multi billion drug business in danger. Ouch!! So I am starting to consider Tom as a very brave man who faced all alone the global fraud of psychiatry and who is now paying for having dared to face the multi billion dollar psychiatric drug industry fraud!! Don’t accept to be brainwashed by the media lies anymore. Let’s all USE our brains and honestly investigate and find the TRUTH behind! I have already been doing some research and you wouldn’t believe the evidence I found so far…it’s really scary.

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