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Tuesday August 22nd 2017


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Ebner on 99X in Atlanta

Ebner appeared on Atlanta’s “Everything Alternative 99X Morning Show with Axel and Leslie” this morning.
Here is the recording of his “conversation” with Bob Adams, a former NFL player, and current $cientologist.
Ebner v. $cientology: 99X

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15 Responses to “Ebner on 99X in Atlanta”

  1. Dave says:

    Narconon is a joke. Niacin? Cooking oil, and sweating it out? Right.
    Scientology is a joke, and I still don’t get why people buy into this garbage. Sounds like a great idea, too bad it isn’t real.

  2. Peter Daley says:

    Interesting interview.
    But what I really wanted to hear about was Xenu the Evil InterGgalactic Warlord.
    Apart from Darth Vader, Xenu is my favorite Intergalactic Warlord.

  3. PeTrainer says:

    I think the number one thing Mark accomplished was showing how that just by asking the right questions you can get any cultist to hang themselves:
    “The DSM is just an invention” classic.

  4. Boyeee says:

    The $cientologist they had on the show was a perfect example of how dangerous it is to let people spout off all sorts of statistics without being held accountable for acknowledging their sources. Ebner did a solid job of calling him out on his bullshit, but there was only so much he could do with the other guy being so defensive and spitting out all sorts of manufactured statistical nonsense.
    I think Bob or whatever his name is was at his unintentional funniest when he went off about how there’s no basis in science for psychiatry. This coming from a man whose entire belief system centers around the writing of a man whose only tie to science is the fact that the word precedes “fiction” on the shelves at Barnes & Noble where you can find his books.

  5. dfarr says:

    I wish that Mark would have called him out on Scientology’s beliefs about people being put into volcanoes and blown up by atomic bombs. A lot of people don’t really know how whacked out Scientology really is.

  6. dizzle says:

    I think scientologists refuse to acknowledge psychiatry as a medical science because they all would be labeled as crazy bastards by any psychiatrist they talked to.

  7. John the Ripper says:

    Tom cruise is a hero, and Brooke Shields is an opinion leader turned shill for pharmaceutical conglomerates.
    ….I could listen to this shmuck all day.

  8. Cus says:

    It’s odd that the female host had bigger balls than the male host. What a weakling that guy was. She went after that nut-bar for supporting Tom Cruise, but the best that “host” could come up with was, “Let’s hug it out…”
    Sounds like a scientologist sympathist to me, let’s report him to the Feds.

  9. SU44 says:

    Richard Dawkins refuses to debate Creationists because it gives them a certain level of credence, and I think Ebner should refuse to debate Scientologists likewise. His blog reports are devastating enough on their own. The Travolta autism thing was picked up by every news service and outrage ensued. He shouldn’t waste his time arguing with these nutbags.

  10. Mark Ebner says:

    You do have a point there, but when I’m silenced on the airwaves for a period the Scientologists count that as a “win,” and some flack’s “stats” go up. I’m more of a strike hard, strike often guy when it comes to the crime cult.

  11. silent_r_infork says:

    Adams’ repertoire for debate consists solely of pointing out obvious facts (“you’re a critic”), making completely irrelevant and inflammatory statements (the Saddam Hussein comparison, telling Ebner that a mother whose child went through Narconon would yell at him), and suggesting that the fact that Ebner works for profit somehow makes him less than Narconon doctors–as if Ebner’s status as a writer/journalist has any bearing whatsoever on an organization that, as Ebner points out, uses people’s addictions as a tool to gain membership for that farcical excuse for a religion.
    I’m all for religious intolerance, but seriously: If Adolf Hitler came back from the dead and made a plan to do to scientologists what he did to the Jews, I’d tattoo a swastika on my forehead quicker than you can say “postpartum depression” just based on this interview.

  12. dubya tee eff says:

    “A masters in physical education”
    Need I say more?

  13. Steve H says:

    Wow. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor a couple of times during that interview. When Xenu was cornered on his phony statistics and true motivations for these treatment centers he resorted to liking his dissenter to Sadam Hussein. Anyone who dares question the church is Sadam Hussein. That’s pretty incredible. It highlights the bazaar lengths they will go to to protect their church. Anything from an IRS audit to smear campaigns have been used and this was a good example of this guy lashing out with the most heinous attack he could launch at the time.
    Thanks to people like you their days truly are numbered. It’s good to know there are a few real investigative journalism left. I think I’ve poured over every story on your site in one marathon session. Truly enthralling. I’ll be picking up your book today on my way home from work. Good job sir.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just listened to your interview with Bob Adams. You stated that Narconon is a front group for $cientology, trying to “kick them when they are down” (my comment), which is only the tip of the iceberg. Narconon is a PR tactic by the “church”, to show what wonderful, helpful humanitarians they are. All of these front groups are there to display to the world how help-oriented $cientology is. The main thrust is not to recruit members from those they “help”, but to put forth a lovely picture to politicians, doctors, and other professionals, who are the real targets of the cult. After all, most drug addicts don’t have a lot of money- the Sea Org wants to “help the able become more able”(i.e., get their money).
    Many of the players, e.g., the “Volunteer Ministers”, are not bad guys at all. They really want to help people, but are so brainwashed, they don’t even realize that they are the pawns of the “Church”, creating good PR for an evil cult.
    How do I know this? I used to be one of them. I joined the Sea Org, saw exactly what was going on and got the hell out. But the guys in there, like Bob, they are blind and have no clue.
    It is a really good con game and very evil and dangerous. $cientology has destroyed my husband’s family as well as many others. Critics are of course, “fair game”.
    I could go on & on but I won’t right now.

  15. HeavyD says:

    I just did a little research on my own. Within two minutes on the New England Journal of Medicine, I found no topics relating niacin and drug rehab. Nor did I find any other info relating any treatment of drug abuse with the narconon program. The New England Journal of Medicine is the premiere PEER REVIEWED medical journal, if narconon was really as successful as they said it was these real doctors would have noticed or developed it by now. Not a Science fiction writer and his clones.

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