Mark Ebner
Tuesday July 25th 2017


"Veteran muckraker Mark Ebner of "Hollywood, Interrupted" has a knack for producing beautiful writing from ugly subjects. Scientology, pit bull fighting, celebrity scandals, scam artists... you name it, he's investigated it." - Xeni Jardin,

"Ebner is like the Patti Smith of Scientology-bashing - he was doing it before it was cool and inspired legions."

"The best investigative journalist since Hunter S. Thompson." - Paul Gallagher,

"There's only one legitimate investigative journalist that works in the entertainment industry these days: Mark Ebner." -

"Ebner terrorizes Hollywood by running the best industry website anywhere" -


"Website of the Week." -The Scotsman

"Site of the Day" - The Hot Blog

"Featured Site" - WNY Media Network

Ebner on The Daily Show

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  1. Lucy Park says:

    There you are on TV! I guess I’ll have to buy the book. Lucy.

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